When ALDI will open the Wolli Creek store?

ALDI Supermarket Coming Soon

This is according to the first edition of Discovery Point GRAPEVINE SUMMER in 2014. In the newsletter, it stated that:

Wolli Creek’s Aldi supermarket has commenced construction. Soon, Discovery Point residents will be able to enjoy the convenience of having this international supermarket virtually just around the corner – we’ll keep you posted in future issues of Grapevine regarding exact opening dates.

However, since then nothing really happens. I saw people asked around on differnet websites. For example, on homely.com.au someone asked:

Is Woolworths or Aldi planning to open in Arncliffe or Wolli Creek?

However, this is no answer to that question so far.

So, is Aldi coming to Wolli Creek and if yes when?

The ALDI Wolli Creek store MAY open 2017

Warren Alexander‎ asked ALDI Australia about the Wolli Creek store through Facebook in June 2016 . Here is the question to ALDI:

Hey Aldi, when is Aldi coming to Wolli Creek ?. Is it still happening, if so when ?.

So far, ALDI has confirmed there will be a Wolli Creek store and it may open in 2017.

Hi Warren. We are hoping to open our Wolli Creek store in 2017 however we do not have a confirmed opening date as yet. Please keep an eye out on here for new store opening updates. Thanks for posting.

The Progress of the ALDI Wolli Creek store

It seems they are still doing the basement work for the new ALDI Wolli Creek store. Here is a photo from Flickr:


Based on this I believe it will at least take them another 12 months to finish the whole building so let’s hope the ALDI Wolli Creek store could open in late 2017. I think most likely it would be by the end of 2017 – maybe before Christmas.

One thought on “When ALDI will open the Wolli Creek store?

  • Well as the building of Aldi after 4 years is up to street level and its now 2018. I would say it will be another 12-18 months before we see ANY retail on the site…

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