ALDI Wolli Creek Store layout, signage, & construction progress

ALDI store in Wolli Creek? Is it just a rumour? NO! Is it confirmed that Aldi is going in although it is taking VERY long to build! Here are some latest information & photos about the future ALDI store. Local resident Steve Bud Dunn shared the latest construction progress. He also shared the approved ALDI signage. Another local Warren[…]

Is Wolli Creek just a train station?

No, Wolli Creek is more than just a train station! It’s a centrally-located suburb with large apartments, fantastic transport links and comparatively low prices although it still remains under the radar in Sydney. This is from an article about Wolli Creek published on But somehow, Wolli Creek remains something of a mystery to outsiders. I remember when I[…]

Histotic Wolli Creek Alpaca

Today Wolli Creek made headlines by its new “Mascot of Wolli Creek” – the Wolli Creek Alpaca! It all started with a notice to Discovery Points residents as someone is keeping an Alpaca in their apartment building! The news is now on Reddit. Daily Mail UK also reported this. The local residents from Wolli Creek are very[…]

Wolli Creek rent – how much you need to pay for rental apartment in Wolli Creek?

There are lots of apartments in Wolli Creek but not many are available for rent. Wonder what’s the average Wolli Creek rent? We checked the rental apartments listed on There were 9 one bedroom and 11 two bedroom apartments for rent. Wolli Creek Rent for 1 Bedroom The average rent per week for the 9[…]

Can fine possibly solve the cigarette butt problem around the Village Square, Wolli Creek?

The Butt Patrol Campaign On 27th October 2016 the Discovery Point Community Development Group spent the morning cleaning up all the discarded cigarette butts and other litter in the garden beds around the Village Square and retail precinct. It was quite a frustrating task as layers and layers of butts just kept appearing as they[…]