Wolli Creek rent – how much you need to pay for rental apartment in Wolli Creek?

There are lots of apartments in Wolli Creek but not many are available for rent. Wonder what’s the average Wolli Creek rent? We checked the rental apartments listed on┬árealestate.com.au. There were 9 one bedroom and 11 two bedroom apartments for rent. Wolli Creek Rent for 1 Bedroom The average rent per week for the 9[…]

Can fine possibly solve the cigarette butt problem around the Village Square, Wolli Creek?

The Butt Patrol Campaign On 27th October 2016 the Discovery Point Community Development Group spent the morning cleaning up all the discarded cigarette butts and other litter in the garden beds around the Village Square and retail precinct. It was quite a frustrating task as layers and layers of butts just kept appearing as they[…]