Job Opportunity: Little Kickers & Little Rugby St George needs a few experienced coaches

Luke Ritchie from Little Kickers and Little Rugby St George needs a few experienced coaches for toddler football training and development.

Here is what he posted on Wolli Creek Facebook group:


I operate a small sports company in the area, Little Kickers and Little Rugby St George.

We have a solid base of coaches but I have a few experienced coaches that live out of the area, as well as the usual New Year turnover.

I’m looking to recruit our next coach locally to help with the demand of our classes. Part time/casual, 1-2 weekday mornings and compulsory Saturday mornings. Possible Sundays and afternoon options. Ideal for students or trainers looking for more weekly hours. We often employ teaching, exercise science or physio students, but a strong sports background will be beneficial.

If you’re interested send me a message on fb or you can email for more info.


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