Histotic Wolli Creek Alpaca

Today Wolli Creek made headlines by its new “Mascot of Wolli Creek” – the Wolli Creek Alpaca!

It all started with a notice to Discovery Points residents as someone is keeping an Alpaca in their apartment building!

The news is now on Reddit.

Daily Mail UK also reported this.

The local residents from Wolli Creek are very excited about this as well. So far they have come up with the following ideas:

  • Some sort of “Real Residents of Wolli Creek” reality show.
  • Start a Petting zoo.
  • Australia’s newest ‘Big thing’.

  • Changing the name of the suburb to Alpaca Creek.
  • A Wolli Creek Alpaca fan club.
  • Make some “Wolli Creek Alpacas” t-shirts and sell them at the markets.

  • Alpaca spotting tours.
  • An autograph signing session.
  • Alpaca Point Duty Officer at the roundabout.

Can you think anything else? Please leave your idea as comment!

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