July 12, 2016


This website was built to share information and updates for the Wolli Creek suburb in NSW Austrlia. It was hoped that through sharing information gathered through first-hand and personal experiences by people who live in Wolli Creek we can help potential new residents gain a deep, comprehensive and far more better understanding of what Wolli Creek as a new suburb can provide so they can make informed decision when they consider to buy and live in Wolli Creek. When I moved to Wolli Creek more than 10 years ago, I found it was very little information available about this young suburb. I went to Rockdale Council several times to ask questions about Wolli Creek especially around the council’s long-term plan for it. However, I felt the only valuable information I got is the master plan model as it showed all the future buildings, shops, parks, and roads. After more than 10 years, all the developments in Wolli Creek basically followed this master plan so I think it is good to share with the readers of this website.

If you are living in Wolli Creek or are running business in Wolli Creek, you are very welcomed to share you thoughts on all aspects of Wolli Creek. We believe personal experience is the best way to help outsider to understand a suburb. We love to hear your stories about Wolli Creek. If you want to share your thoughts, comments, concerns etc. with us so we can share them with the readers of this website, please use the “GET IN TOUCH” form on the homepage. We would love to hear from you and publish your message on this informational website of Wolli Creek.

I do believe Wolli Creek is good place to live no matter you are a single, couple, or family. The train transportation is really convenient for those who work in the city. If you are a student and studying in UNSW, you can take Bus 348 and it will take you to UNSW in about 30 minutes time.

There are lots parks around so you can take your kids for a walk, play football, ride bicycle, walk your dog, or have a BBQ with friends. If you don’t want to cook, there are Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnam restaurants and a few coffee shops to choose. You can dine in or order take-ways. The price is quite reasonable – $40 could feed families of 4 (two adults and two small children).

As a person who has been living in Wolli Creek since 2006, I think the only issue is the morning traffic if you drive. Everyday in the morning it takes me at least 10 to 15 minutes to get onto Prince Highway from Brodie Spark Drive. The traffic is especially heavy if you leave home between 8:20am and 9:00am.

I don’t like to see many litters along Mount Olympus Boulevard. I don’t think the local residents will leave all those litters there in the bushes along the roadside. I hope the Rockdale Council will be able to work out a plan to gradually control the littering issue. If you have the same concern, please spare some time to write to Rockdale Council or send them an email at rcc@rockdale.nsw.gov.au.

I have witnessed the changes happened to Wolli Creek in the last decade and do think it becomes better and better. I like the Woolworths in Wolli Creek. My wife once saw them shooting the Jamie Oliver Woolworths ad in Wolli Creek store! Here is a very good review I found on Yelp:

One of the bigger Woolworths supermarkets in Sydney; newly built and opened. While it is a larger building, luckily everything inside is nicely laid out, with plenty of room to move and lots of checkouts, including self serve. There are also iPads at the end of some of the aisles, if you want to quickly type in what product you’re looking for and exactly where to find it. Fresh sushi is also made instore in front of you; with some sushi already prepared for purchase, but you can also ask if you want something custom put together. Fresh pizzas are also available and made in store; either pick up a pre-made pizza or custom order your own.

On the pizza matter, I would like to share my wonderful experience with Woolworths Wolli Creek store. I remember that I ordered a fresh pizza but need to do more shopping so I told the girl that I will pick up the pizza later. To my surprise, she said she can bake it for me and it only takes about 10 minutes so after I can pick it up right after my shopping! It was a wonderful service! I think you would agree, wouldn’t you?