Wolli Creek ALDI & Woolworths Update Jan 2018

The Wolli Creel ALDI will be one of the new upmarket ones, according to local resident Peter Barrington. His post on Wolli Creek Facebook group stated:

Talking to Michael a council inspector today who was inspecting cracks in the Proximity wall from the Aldi development, the Wolli Creek Aldi will be one of the new upmarket ones.

However, he mentioned that its opening date is still unclear:

There is still no time frame of it opening as all scaffolding has to be down off the development before it can open.

According to the Facebook post:

There is an agreement between council and the developer of the Woolworths site that work on that one won’t commence until Aldi is open leaving a supermarket in the area but that developer wants to start as soon as possible after Aldi opens wanting a late 2020 completion at the latest.

This confirms that the current Woolies will be demolished for upgrade in the near future. According to Facebook discussions, the new development on the current Woolies site will be a 20 storeys building with two floors of commercial and 18 storeys apartments.

There is also negotiations on funding of a bridge over the highway from the second level of the new development. Ground level and second level will be commercial with the next 18 stories apartments.

Are things getting better in Wolli Creek? Definitely Yes! Please share your thoughts, or news in the comment area.

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