Can fine possibly solve the cigarette butt problem around the Village Square, Wolli Creek?

The Butt Patrol Campaign

On 27th October 2016 the Discovery Point Community Development Group spent the morning cleaning up all the discarded cigarette butts and other litter in the garden beds around the Village Square and retail precinct. It was quite a frustrating task as layers and layers of butts just kept appearing as they were being removed which is extremely disheartening when you consider the amount of ‘No Smoking’, signs and bins everywhere throughout the area.


Volunteers are working to make Wolli Creek a better place to live


Volunteers are cleaning up the litter in the garden beds around Wolli Creek


Cigarette butts picked up by our hard-working volunteers


Please don’t litter! Let’s keep Wolli Creek clean!

The campaign to keep the communal spaces in Wolli Creek clean, tidy, and butt free will continue so next time you see our ‘Butt Patrol’, feel free to join them. You can join the Discovery Point Community Development Group or register your interest in volunteering at or with the Discovery Point Community Facilitator:

The Cigarette Butt Problem

The Butt patrol cleaned all the garden beds near the shops and now they were filthy disgusting again. This was taken recently by a local. He posted it on Facebook and said “I feel sorry for those guys picking them all up”.


The common observation is that people are smoking in areas that clearly have “NO SMOKING” signs displayed and throw their cigarettes around once they are done! One local especially mentioned that the workers from the Asian supermarket sit in front of their shop up to a dozen times a day smoking – right in front of the “no smoking” sign.

What Can be Done?

As locals what you think that can be done in order to solve the cigarette butt litter issue around Wolli Creek? People have suggested:

  • Report to Council and let them to fine people for smoking in areas that clearly have “NO SMOKING” sign
  • Report to the Building Management Office that controls that area so they can clean it up
  • Walk into the tossers’ homes and dump a ton of ash and butts in their beds

Please share your thought by leaving a comment or answering the poll below:

What can be done to solve the cigarette butt issue around Wolli Creek?

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