Families buy multiple apartmetns in the same Wolli Creek development

According to the news from dailytelegraph.com.au, the Foreman-Sinatambou family owns eight properties in housing development Discovery Point in Wolli Creek, and mum Lily Sinatambou said the family has its eye on a few more. Each member of the family, which includes father Martin Foreman and daughters Kirsten and Samantha, owns two properties in the complex, where they[…]

How Wolli Creek ranks in Sydney’s most liveable suburbs?

Sydney’s most liveable suburbs in St George and Sutherland Shire According to this news, Domain has ranked 555 Sydney suburbs based on liveability. Sixteen indicators were used to determine liveability, including transport, education, traffic, views, cafes and restaurants, proximity to employment hubs and access to the beach and parks. Kareela came out on top in the Sutherland[…]

When ALDI will open the Wolli Creek store?

ALDI Supermarket Coming Soon This is according to the first edition of Discovery Point GRAPEVINE SUMMER in 2014. In the newsletter, it stated that: Wolli Creek’s Aldi supermarket has commenced construction. Soon, Discovery Point residents will be able to enjoy the convenience of having this international supermarket virtually just around the corner – we’ll keep you posted in future issues of Grapevine regarding exact opening dates.[…]

Wolli Creek Shopping

Shopping at Wolli Creek In the heart of Wolli Creek, the piazza-style Village Square retail precinct creates a new focal point for this masterplanned community offering residents access to an active outdoor park space surrounded by alfresco cafes, restaurants, speciality shops and a supermarket. Piazza-style village retail square Alfresco dining Cafes and restaurants surrounding the[…]

Wolli Creek 祖父母活动小组 (Chinese Grandparents Group)

Wolli Creek作为一个新区,有很多华人(大约三分之一的人口是华人)住在这里,年轻人和小家庭居多。有很多华人祖父母在这里生活或者帮助子女照看孩子。由于语言的关系,他们很难参加当地的社区活动。幸好在Wolli Creek有一个华人祖父母活动小组。 小组一般每周二上午十点开展活动,地点在LINC大楼的社区会议室。祖父母们可以携带学龄前儿童一同参加活动。 如果您有兴趣参加这个小组活动,请在每周二上午十点到LINC大楼的社区会议室。如果想了解更多详情,请联系下面提供的电话或电邮。欢迎您邀请您的朋友来参加Wolli Creek华人祖父母活动小组。 All Chinese grandparents and their pre-school aged grandchildren welcome. Please pass the message on.